Diminishing Returns

This poem seeks to describe the life of an individual that is continuing to strive for their best but feels that no matter how hard they try to make things better they continue to fall apart. They want to continue to move on with the things they are passionate about however trials continue to displace them until they completely lose their sense of who they should be. They finally give up not willing to fight anymore and commit suicide.

When your life is falling apart
Your heart filled with despair
You’re to the point where you’re starting to lose your hair

Your buttons are pushed to their max
You don’t know what it means to relax
Your life ripped to shreds
You just wish you were dead

Life is never easy
It feels like you’re your drowning in whiskey
Striving to do your best
Only to find no rest

Feeling that no one cares
Realizing that no one is really there
Finally reached your boiling point

Blood rushing through your veins
Like a race car overdosed on speed
Burning the pavement of your life story

Flames engulf your heart
Smoke filling your lungs
Your breath almost take away
Only to suffer through another day

Passion lost in a pile of crap
Your heart monitor starts to go flat
Lost sight of who you are supposed to be
You fade into the afterlife filled with misery


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