Two Faced

This poem seeks to describe a girl that is very deceiving. She says one thing and does another to intentionally be nasty to those who surround her. She is the type of person that is ruthless in thought and action and will act like she is your best friend one moment and the next she is stabbing you in the back. She is the type of spoiled, rotten mean girl that thinks she knows it all. Her beauty masks her attitude until you really see all of her flaws. The type of person everyone hates secretly until one day they call her out and confront her face to face. She is the reason why there is such a thing called being two-faced.

Who knew how easily you could turn
One moment you say one thing
The next you’re doing something else

You smile to my face
Next you’re stabbing me in the back
I don’t understand your plan of attack

Your fake ways don’t fool anyone
You think that you can hide behind your beauty
And no one will see how nasty you can be

Sorry but being pretty won’t help your cause
Your snotty attitude brings out all of your flaws

A reality check smacking you in the face
You are a nasty disgrace
Your words of hate have turned around
And caused you to fall down

People see right through your fake act
They confront your words of attack

The next time you think of stating something cruel
Just remember people will see right through you


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