The Black Plaque

This poem seeks to use the actual occurrence of the black plaque to define a man so hated this would be the closest thing that can be used throughout history to describe who he really is. A man so disgusting no one wants to be in his presence. A reflection of a man who plays games and fools everyone around him to think that he is this perfect gentleman when really his words are filled with lying, cheating, and manipulative phrases. This is a warning to those who act in this manner but more importantly to those who should be safe guarding their hearts.

The changing patterns of what people do confronts you
Hearing your name makes them want to run and hide
Seeing your ugly face causes them to lock their dead bolts

No one wants to be around a disease ridden plaque
Death disguised in a way to bring fear into their hearts when they hear your name
Disgusted to the point where no one wants to be around you
Your living among the walking dead
Among those who actually choose to surround you

The masked smell of raw sewage coming from your stench gives away your disguise
You appear to be tall, dark & hansom but your reflection shows otherwise

Your reflection shows through your disguise
Leprosy brought you to your demise

You could have fooled anyone keeping those secrets and telling those lies
Your charming ways, your smooth talk, you definitely fooled everyone walking that walk

Now the plaque has taken over bringing misery to everything in its path
Rough as sand paper, sharp as piercing needles stabbing them in the back
Their screams like nails on a chalkboard followed by complete silence

Who knew you could bring so much pain
Who knew you would make you mark with this stain

Your last victim you will ever claim
Her beauty like a fallen angel
Her spirit filled with joy
You suck the life from her with your kiss of death

The taste of your lips is like cherry Chap Stick with a hint of bubblegum
Masking the taste of smoke that engulfs your lungs
Your lips turn cold her breath taken away
These are the reasons why people run away when they hear your name

You cause so much fear
You cause so much pain
It’s now your time to just go away


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