This poem seeks to describe the sacrifices people choose to make every day. To make a sacrifice is to give up something in the moment temporarily to gain something greater in life in the long run. People that can sacrifice the things they have are the type of people that will find satisfaction in that moment knowing that there is a greater goal they have to gain and get further along had they chosen not to give up something. For example a smoker that decides to quit in the long run maybe healthier and hopefully live a longer fuller life. Another example would be not buying coffee or lunch for a whole year to build savings for a vacation that’s almost $2600 in savings that they wouldn’t have had with the same amount of income. This poem also seeks to inspire others to make and set goals that are achievable. To sacrifice one thing starting with a month, then maybe 6 months and then a year to see what you might be able to live without and what you will gain from doing this in the long run. This could be something either tangible or intangible. They say America is a selfish, wasteful society, just wondering if this is true. Do we really need all of things we say we need and are we really being wasteful with the products, food and other “necessities” that we choose to consume as a society.

Giving up what you have to gain something greater
What does it mean to sacrifice?

Make the most of what you have
Sacrifice the good & the bad giving up what you had
Make the most of every opportunity
Never knowing what will come to be

So much to gain with every risk you take
So much to lose when you’ve lost your way

Fighting for what is strong & true
Taking a chance to push through
Leading on for those who cannot fight
Giving it your all
Doing what is right

Looking back with no regrets
Seeing what was & what is
Looking to future with curiosity
Sacrificing what you had to see what will be

Giving up what you had to gain something greater
What does it mean to sacrifice?


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