Know It All

This poem describes experiences I have had with certain individuals who really truly have not lived to know it all but yet when you talk with them they act as if they do. What happened to humility and being humble? These individuals really don’t show it and it seems to come across as being naïve, ignorant, and annoying to rest of us who deal with these individuals on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. However often you may have to deal with these individuals I hope you recall this poem and keep your cool. For those who can related to this poem please don’t ignore what it says. If you truly think you know it all you are completely full of it.

You think you know it all now but there is so much you still have to learn

You just graduated from college & are eager to get out into the world
You think you deserve the very best
Yet you haven’t put in your dues like all of the rest

You think you know best
But yet when people try to show you the truth
You just roll your eyes and give attitude

You may have a college degree but so do we
You will never be the best & know more than all of the rest until you learn to humble yourself
Throw away the attitude because it’s really not helping you

Once you can do this
You will have more opportunities to excel & lead

People will show you more respect
When you show them what you know without being snotty
You don’t have to be a know it all for people to see what potential I see

If you would open your ears and actually listen to me
You would definitely have many more opportunities

When you think you know it all
That’s when you will crash hard & fall
Open your eyes & see there’s more to who you can be


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