This poem seeks to describe the feeling of belonging to a home. It’s important to feel as if you have a place you can call your own. To describe what surroundings make it that way is important because each individual will know based on their own experience what home really feels like to them.

As I settle in for the evening
I can feel a cool breeze blowing
In a little home town that is growing

I can hear the train coming near
As it sounds its horn rumbling through each pass it takes
Causing a slight movement where things start to shake

This feels a little at home

The cars passing by
The sirens blaring from a distance
People gathering for music
The bright lights of the city
Filled with warmth in a small home town that is filled with love, laughter and lots of memories

This feels a little at home

Devoted to this home is the only thing I know
When I see this little town
I see people who truly care
Who are there to build you up in times of trial
This will stand the test of time

This is potential
This is growth
This is hope

This feels a little at home


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