This poem name was inspired by a café that I use to go to with my mom when I was younger called the Hardtimes café. The one thing I remember is that they were one of the only restaurants at the time in Minneapolis that served vegetarian meals and were wonderfully made. Being that it was right off of Cedar Ave and about 2 blocks from where we lived I remember walking there quite a bit to take the bus to where ever we needed to go. I remember it being one of the Hot Spots within the area for younger groups to go. A lot of these groups would have been considered different at the time. They were artistically inspired and brought a movement within Minneapolis that would change the scene of art forever. Musicians, artists, and many others would gather for good food and to hang out with good company. A lot of words within this poem directly hit home as well based on the experiences I had growing up in this neighborhood. The one thing I will say that I still appreciate no matter how tough things really got I really appreciate the things that have now more. Having a work ethic and believing in myself that I could achieve anything that I set my mind to makes me a stronger person for living through it. Fun fact: I am the first person in my immediate family to graduate with my Bachelors of Science degree in Economics. I am also the first person in my family to pursue my Master’s degree that I received in February 2013. It just shows that with a little determination and the right motivation nothing can stop you from being successful.

As I walk down this narrow path
I can’t help but look back
What life used to be living in misery

Haunting me in visions & dreams
The memories I see vividly standing right in front of me
Visions of crime, poverty and hunger
I choose to ignore
As I feel this piercing pain & hit the floor

My mind weakening
My breath taken away
As I start to gain consciousness
There are no words left to say

When will this tormenting be over?
When will this pain subside?
When will I finally be able to not run & hide?

These visions of torment
These visions of pain
Will someday subside
Will someday go away

Until then they stay
Reminding me each & every day
Of the circumstances I’ve lived in
Only to move forward on the straight & narrow path I have driven


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