Freedom to Serve

This poem seeks to describe the sacrifices made by men and women who have served in combat on behalf of the United States. The sacrifices they made are the reason we have freedom and liberty to choose to be whoever we want to be. This also highlights that not everyone is able to serve in the ways that a soldier does and therefore gratitude should be shown to those who make these sacrifices each and every day.

The service that you gave will not be forgotten
The people that have fought will make their own legacy
Everyday people go about their routines as if that fight was not about them
As if they had no responsibility or ownership to the freedom of this land

But you take the fight on continuously
Brave and true are the devoted
They show their courage and continue to fight

They show the reason why we should care
If they didn’t care they would not be there
If they were not there our country would not be as good as it can be

To live the fight
To die by the fight
Is the only way to have freedom
Freedom comes with a price that sometimes has to be paid

That freedom was given by the sacrifices that they made


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