For Him

This poem was written for my son Judah my handsome little boy. It’s crazy how time goes by so quickly when the kids are so little you think they will never get older and the exact opposite when they get older you wonder what happened to all of that time. It’s important to build your children’s self-esteem, to have a positive attitude and always let them know how much you love them. I wrote this in a way that I thought would be fun looking back at someday and remembering memories within the poem I have written for him. He’s so proud and he feels so special that I wrote something just for him. When I first told him I had written this poem and he listened to it his face just lite up. A couple hours after reading it to him the first time he said “Mom can you read my poem again to me, and so I did” It’s really fun to see my kids excited to read about themselves in a story or poem and it’s a way that I can express how much I care about them with the words that I choose to describe the experiences we have had together.

The little one with a big heart
So curious & quiet those thoughts flow through his mind
That little boy so defiant he continues to climb

He continues to learn
He continues to grow
He continues to show exactly what he knows

Intelligent & true a fun loving little boy who leads by example
His confidence shines through like a little miniature you
This hansom little boy who loves to play with his toys

A good boy who likes hugs but no kisses
A good boy who learns from his mistakes
A good boy who listens & then asks questions

A good boy who humbles himself when things get tough
A good boy who defends himself when things get rough
A good boy who understands what it means to have happiness

My little boy growing up so fast
Wishing this time could slow down
Wishing this time would not pass

Watching you grow as this time passes by
Makes me smile because you are my little boy
Thinking about who you will grow up to be
My wonderful hansom little boy precious as can be


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