This poem seeks to describe the individuals who live in fear due to those persons who try to intimidate them, whether it’s a spouse, a bully, a co-worker, a family member or a so-called friend. This describes the experience they have which continues to build and boil in their veins to the point where they break through with confidence and courage to stand up to those individuals, leave the situation they are in and move forward to pursue and have success.

Fear for those who cannot see the light
They choose to hang their heads down low because it’s the only thing that they know

What causes this fear to lurk?
It’s the individual who continues to choose to intimidate and prey on those less fortunate

Unfortunately what they didn’t know and what they choose not to see
Is that courage will grow within those individuals and they will finally choose to leave and live free

No more hatred
No more intimidation
No more fear

This is the life they will have
Never looking back to what was and always moving forward
Striving for the best
Always living fearless


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