This poem seeks to describe a young girl who by appearance has everything together but when you look beyond what she has as well as her beauty she is completely a disaster waiting to fall apart. When she does fall apart there is not a single soul there to help her get back up. This poem was inspired by the image of the spoiled rotten girl who has her parents and everyone else around her pay for the things she has. They pay for her insurance, gas, groceries, rent anything that she needs. Because of this she has the attitude that she is better than everyone else, smarter than everyone else and is a complete know it all. She gets into some trouble and financially her parents, other family members, her friends and everyone else she has relied on for so long are either gone or have completely disowned her. She has nothing left, she has never worked a day in her life and she is emotionally drained.

She seems as though she has it all together
But when you look past the wall that’s there
She is falling apart, she is all alone

Rain drops falling like the tears that fall from her eyes
Unfortunately there is more than what meets the eyes
Just an ugly disguise

Lightning crackling through the sky like the pain she feels inside
Broken down and all alone
She has nowhere else left to go
Thunder rumbling through the sky
Like galloping horses racing by

The storm destroying everything in its path
Ripping through her memories of pain
Drowning away every single stain

Making its way into the ground below
Drowning her heart digging a deeper hole than will ever know
This would come to haunt her & she would eventually fall through

When the storm finally passed through
There was nothing left of you
So broken down & alone
She crawls back into that deep empty hole

She’s fallen through
No one there to help pull her out of what she cannot undue
Her path marked with pain
She feels so ashamed
She’s fallen through & there’s nothing that she can do


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