This poem seeks to inspire those who have lost all hope and faith, who may be going through trials in their life and need to be uplifted.

When the weight of the world is on your shoulders you don’t have to feel alone
Just know that I will be here to catch you when you feel you can’t go on.
These trials may make you weary, they may cause you to fall but I will be the one who is there through it all

There may be times of trials
There may be trials of faith
Knowing you are here with me makes me feel safe

In life things don’t always come easy
You may fall several times before getting back up
You may lose your faith in the midst of it all
You may just want to give up

Have a little faith
Work a little harder
Good things come to those who wait

Make the most of every moment
Create new experiences that bring pleasure
Pursue the things you love
Live like it was you last day

Let your passion shine throughout
Find the place where you want to be
Following through on your special journey


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