Determined to Shine

This poem was inspired by an individual who once told me I would never be good enough for their standards. The standards they have in place are a complete joke and so determined as I am and as good as I know I can be I was determined to prove them wrong. I’ve always been determined if someone thinks they can tell me who I am going to be I will prove them wrong. No one has the right to say what you may be good at or completely destroy the dreams that you have. I have always been the type of person to encourage others to seek out what they love as long as it means they find fulfillment in what they do and they will be successful at it. If they have a real gift I truly believe that they should be sharing it with the people around them and let it grow as large as it can whether that means it grows within their community, across state lines or across the world. To discourage someone from pursuing their dreams and their passion is to be completely selfish in your own thinking. Even if you think that what you’re telling them may be for their best you may not want to assume this. Assumptions will lead to trouble and eventually if they continue to hear this they will leave. When they are successful they have the right to throw it back in your face. So rather than be discouraging start to be encouraging and you may find that what you were originally thinking is completely the opposite of what are capable of.

Who are you to say who I should be?
To define my every movement within an eternity

Who are you to pass judgment on my abilities?
Trying to define what I am capable of based on my personality

You tell me I will never be good enough for your standards
You tell me I am too young to shine
You tell me I should move on when I really am trying

Your words are a double edge sword
I choose to ignore
I will never give up
I will never give in
I’m determined to win

My ability to fight this will allow me to never miss
I will shine through even if it means it’s without you

Never let yourself give up
Never let yourself give in
Let your talents shine from within

Your words speak the truth
Your hands bring healing
Your actions speak louder than the words brought forth
Your inspire other to always do more

Your make your own path
Determined & strong
You lead by example proving everyone else wrong

You never give up
You never give in
Always shining throughout
Always shining from within


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