This poem seeks to describe the experience one woman has when she finds out her lover has cheated on her with another woman. This also describes the disconnection that occurs in a relationship when one person feels its ok to disown the trust and have no point of communication with their partner. Therefore making this scorned lover question as to what they did wrong within the relationship and then realizing it wasn’t their fault even though it was made to be felt this way. In the end the cheater will continue to cheat and the next woman will leave. Remember this one thing once a cheater always a cheater. Those that are not satisfied will never be satisfied and will always be looking for the next best thing.

As I stare into your eyes all I see is despise

Jealousy grows into hatred
Hatred grows into fear
Who know that someday you’d turn your back and forget all that we had here

What caused you to turn into this ugly monster?
Inhumane to look at & emotionally too distraught to understand
How to be a real man

You never chose to listen
You acted as if you never cared
You were never really there

Why would you do this to yourself?
Why would you do this to us?
You obviously didn’t care enough to actually think about what you have done

Despise, jealousy, and hatred are things to define who you are
I guess I’ve moved on & she’s not too far from gone


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