Dangerous Pride

This poem tells a story of a friendship that has been lost due to the circumstances when pride steps in. When friendship splits due to one individual being prideful instead of humbling themselves. It shows the class diversification as not being equal. As the friends started off at the same level one individual becomes prideful after making connections with some very powerful people and loses thought of where they came from completely disowning everything they knew before including this friendship.

You used to be so humble
You used to be so kind
Now I think you’ve completely lost your mind

You walk around with shoulders high
Never looking on to those who pass by
What happened to the person who used to care?
Now you’re never really there

Dangerous pride leads the way
For those who choose to go astray
Leading on vindictively
Causing so much misery

What happened to the person I used to know?
Who would drop everything & just go
When you needed them the most they were there
Now your pride has taken over & you don’t care

This is what happens when pride steps in
You can completely lose a friend


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