This poem seeks to describe the struggles people face within society and in this world. Who really has control over their situation is the question I seek to answer. Is it the government? Is it the corporation? Is it the individual? Or are there other circumstances that define control and the power or limits we have within the societies that we grow up in. Who has the authority to change things and who really has power?

Who really has control?
Who really has a voice?
What does it mean to really have a choice?

When children are starving across the sea
When people are stealing from you and me
When people are possessed by hatred that they gang rape
Who really has control?

Where ever you go education is a luxury for women
What sacrifices they make
Every step that they take
To pursue something that should be free
And yet there are still those who try to restrain their liberty
Who really has control?

Walking to school one day
Who know the price she would have to pay
The road side bomb went off
When she didn’t come home from school that day
Her mother know she was lost
She would never get to see her daughter run and & play again
It felt as if she were losing her closest friend
Who really has control?

Who knew the choice he made
Would one day come to stab him in the back
Who’s to say who you should love?
When they grabbed him by his sack
Who really has control?

Their glaring stares hatred in their words
Judgment on those they choose to not understand
Unfortunately hatred comes in many forms
Which one is yours?
Who really has control?


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