Cinderella Triumphs

This poem seeks to describe the experience a girl had with having to raise her family at a young age as her mother passed away when she was 16. It describes the effort she put into making sure everything was taken care of for her siblings and when she gets older and has a child out of wedlock they completely disown her. The daughter of that girl will never forgive their ignorance.

She was 16 when her mother passed away
Who knew she would be the one to bare the weight of the world on her shoulders someday
With one older brother and two younger siblings to take care of
Who would be the one to take care of her at such a young age?

Sacrificing her dreams and desires
She would wake up at the brisk of dawn to start her morning routine

Make breakfast
Pack lunches
Get the kids off to school so they wouldn’t be late

With her father in the military it felt as if she were the only one who cared, who was there
Who gave her all to make sure they had a better life

Oh what struggles did she face
No fun or games just reality staring her right in the face

Cinderella needed a prince to rescue her from this fate
But there was no one there who would step up to the plate

She struggled and struggled till she finally made it through
But who knew that at the time when she needed her family the most
They would choose to disown her for the choices she had made

This shows what can happen when people learn to hate
This shows the gratitude that was given after how many mistakes they had all made
And yet the one moment she needed them the most
They were not there they chose to be as transparent as ghosts.


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