Blue Ice

This poem seeks to describe a fantasy about a girl who has lost her life when her father’s ship becomes lost at sea. They struggle through the storm but eventually the lives of the crew, her father and herself become lost. She does not realize that she is lost in between two worlds living and deceased. She is torn between what was and now what is. She is unsure of what truly is reality trying to understand what happened through the lives of the living.

Thin strands of icicles flowing through her hair
Clear ice diamonds sparkling through her eyes
Her lips are blue as the artic water

Her soul lost beneath the deepest part of the ocean
Her breath evaporated from existence
Her smile faded through the rippling of the water

The fire within her heart turned cold
The words she spoke lost within memories
Photos of her existence fade to black

The touch of her hand sends chills down their spine
A flashback of their memories shines through her mind
A reflection of who she was & who they want to be
Fades away into eternity


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