An Outsiders Point of View

This poem seeks to describe the stereotypes that people around the world have about Americans. After doing research and just generally questioning the things I have heard in the past about the experiences people have had overseas I really wanted to look for myself to see what types of thoughts other people had as being an outsider of the United States and how they actually view Americans. Although these are generalizations it may not be the views of all cultures outside of the United States the information that was posted inspired me to write this poem. Also generally being curious I had a friend in high school that took a school trip to visit France she told me she had met some people who generally described Americans as smelling like meat, I thought this was a little amusing and it made me want to look into these ideas more.

You can tell who they are as they walk down the street.
An image that is unheard of in your society
The stupid things they say
& the stupid things they do
Really annoy you

The ignorance that fills their country is the only thing you can see
How could they choose to live in a country with political disfunctionality?

The stereotypes they create are completely filled with hate
Some say they are spoiled, wasteful and loud
When really all they are is proud

Others say they are a self-centered, overweight society
With every single household allocated its fair share of arsenal weaponry

Although some others don’t see it as bad
They still think Americans have their heads buried in the sand

A “Global” America is all that they see
Referring to us as the Nazis
With the belief of superiority

They choose to generalize and group all Americans into one category of stereotypes
Narrow minded, religious, racist, homophobes that drive trucks
And compete like idiots to have the biggest engines possible.

Wow I don’t believe anyone of these things describes who I am
I don’t appreciate being thrown into a category that doesn’t even describe me
I just want to be me

They say our society smells like meat
Well really we are one of the largest agricultural industries
They say Americans think they are superior, self-absorbed & arrogant
They say every American is the celebrity of their own life
Whether or not they actually have a choice to choose who they want to be within their own society

They hate the idea or lack thereof having a healthcare system that is not free to the public
Unfortunately not everything comes free in life & Americans don’t just try to always rely on their government

For those who see the large corporate organizations as being fat, money grubbing asses that only care about the green in their pockets
Who think these organizations will trample on the backs of millions that earn their money for them

This is a free country & if those millions would choose to create an idea that would start a revolution & stop complaining about everything else around them
Our world would be a lot more efficient

Plus those millions as you swiftly forget have freedom of choice in America to work where they will to earn their fair share of the dollar bill
They have a choice to claim their voice

So the next time you think it’s ok to say these stereotypical things maybe you should look at it from and American perspective.
Keep an open mind & you will find many more pleasures in life
Don’t always assume that you will have room to say & do the things you do
Because some day it may come back to bite you


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