This poem seeks to describe the uncertainty a woman has within the relationship she is in. She sees the lust in her boyfriend’s eyes, she hears the words come from his lips, and the uncertainty she has of their relationship as she feels he is becoming unfaithful within the choices and actions he is making. The secrets he tries to hide, not understanding that she knows he is looking for someone other than her. Someone that she will never be. He tells her that she is the only one who he sees but in reality the words he says “she’s hot”, the actions he takes “going above and beyond his responsibilities to make this other girl better than what she really is to be” and actions “being in his girlfriend’s car with the other girl alone for a two hour drive” shows differently. She does not completely trust his actions, his obsession of the other girl’s musical abilities where he listens contently to her music over and over for days on end, making note he does not do this with other musicians. Making excuses for the way he feels, making excuses for the type of girl he really wants to be with. She’s tired of trying to make him happy, she’s tired of hearing from other people around him that he is lush and consistently flirting with other women, she’s tired of excuses and she’s tired of all the drama. For any women that is tired, this is for you.

Her brown eyes, brown hair I will never be…
The beauty I have hides deep inside of me…
Lust filled in your eyes, your words are completely lies…
Do you really think I can’t see behind your disguise?

You yearn for things you can’t have…
Never thankful for the things that cross your path…
You say you’re in this for success…
But really you’re a complete mess…
You look only to the things you can see…
Rather than actually living in reality…

I see the passion in your eyes…
Unfortunately I don’t know with whom it lies…
You say you want to be with me…
But all the signs are showing differently…
Am I the one you really want to be with?
Or would you rather that I leave…

I will not be a stand in just filling a partial fantasy…
There is too much at stake for me not to leave…
Make your choice… Make it once…
Will the choice you make, will you make it for us?
My mind filled with doubt, the truth I cannot see…
These visions shall pass, Will you choose me…

Diminishing Returns

This poem seeks to describe the life of an individual that is continuing to strive for their best but feels that no matter how hard they try to make things better they continue to fall apart. They want to continue to move on with the things they are passionate about however trials continue to displace them until they completely lose their sense of who they should be. They finally give up not willing to fight anymore and commit suicide.

When your life is falling apart
Your heart filled with despair
You’re to the point where you’re starting to lose your hair

Your buttons are pushed to their max
You don’t know what it means to relax
Your life ripped to shreds
You just wish you were dead

Life is never easy
It feels like you’re your drowning in whiskey
Striving to do your best
Only to find no rest

Feeling that no one cares
Realizing that no one is really there
Finally reached your boiling point

Blood rushing through your veins
Like a race car overdosed on speed
Burning the pavement of your life story

Flames engulf your heart
Smoke filling your lungs
Your breath almost take away
Only to suffer through another day

Passion lost in a pile of crap
Your heart monitor starts to go flat
Lost sight of who you are supposed to be
You fade into the afterlife filled with misery

An Outsiders Point of View

This poem seeks to describe the stereotypes that people around the world have about Americans. After doing research and just generally questioning the things I have heard in the past about the experiences people have had overseas I really wanted to look for myself to see what types of thoughts other people had as being an outsider of the United States and how they actually view Americans. Although these are generalizations it may not be the views of all cultures outside of the United States the information that was posted inspired me to write this poem. Also generally being curious I had a friend in high school that took a school trip to visit France she told me she had met some people who generally described Americans as smelling like meat, I thought this was a little amusing and it made me want to look into these ideas more.

You can tell who they are as they walk down the street.
An image that is unheard of in your society
The stupid things they say
& the stupid things they do
Really annoy you

The ignorance that fills their country is the only thing you can see
How could they choose to live in a country with political disfunctionality?

The stereotypes they create are completely filled with hate
Some say they are spoiled, wasteful and loud
When really all they are is proud

Others say they are a self-centered, overweight society
With every single household allocated its fair share of arsenal weaponry

Although some others don’t see it as bad
They still think Americans have their heads buried in the sand

A “Global” America is all that they see
Referring to us as the Nazis
With the belief of superiority

They choose to generalize and group all Americans into one category of stereotypes
Narrow minded, religious, racist, homophobes that drive trucks
And compete like idiots to have the biggest engines possible.

Wow I don’t believe anyone of these things describes who I am
I don’t appreciate being thrown into a category that doesn’t even describe me
I just want to be me

They say our society smells like meat
Well really we are one of the largest agricultural industries
They say Americans think they are superior, self-absorbed & arrogant
They say every American is the celebrity of their own life
Whether or not they actually have a choice to choose who they want to be within their own society

They hate the idea or lack thereof having a healthcare system that is not free to the public
Unfortunately not everything comes free in life & Americans don’t just try to always rely on their government

For those who see the large corporate organizations as being fat, money grubbing asses that only care about the green in their pockets
Who think these organizations will trample on the backs of millions that earn their money for them

This is a free country & if those millions would choose to create an idea that would start a revolution & stop complaining about everything else around them
Our world would be a lot more efficient

Plus those millions as you swiftly forget have freedom of choice in America to work where they will to earn their fair share of the dollar bill
They have a choice to claim their voice

So the next time you think it’s ok to say these stereotypical things maybe you should look at it from and American perspective.
Keep an open mind & you will find many more pleasures in life
Don’t always assume that you will have room to say & do the things you do
Because some day it may come back to bite you

The Black Plaque

This poem seeks to use the actual occurrence of the black plaque to define a man so hated this would be the closest thing that can be used throughout history to describe who he really is. A man so disgusting no one wants to be in his presence. A reflection of a man who plays games and fools everyone around him to think that he is this perfect gentleman when really his words are filled with lying, cheating, and manipulative phrases. This is a warning to those who act in this manner but more importantly to those who should be safe guarding their hearts.

The changing patterns of what people do confronts you
Hearing your name makes them want to run and hide
Seeing your ugly face causes them to lock their dead bolts

No one wants to be around a disease ridden plaque
Death disguised in a way to bring fear into their hearts when they hear your name
Disgusted to the point where no one wants to be around you
Your living among the walking dead
Among those who actually choose to surround you

The masked smell of raw sewage coming from your stench gives away your disguise
You appear to be tall, dark & hansom but your reflection shows otherwise

Your reflection shows through your disguise
Leprosy brought you to your demise

You could have fooled anyone keeping those secrets and telling those lies
Your charming ways, your smooth talk, you definitely fooled everyone walking that walk

Now the plaque has taken over bringing misery to everything in its path
Rough as sand paper, sharp as piercing needles stabbing them in the back
Their screams like nails on a chalkboard followed by complete silence

Who knew you could bring so much pain
Who knew you would make you mark with this stain

Your last victim you will ever claim
Her beauty like a fallen angel
Her spirit filled with joy
You suck the life from her with your kiss of death

The taste of your lips is like cherry Chap Stick with a hint of bubblegum
Masking the taste of smoke that engulfs your lungs
Your lips turn cold her breath taken away
These are the reasons why people run away when they hear your name

You cause so much fear
You cause so much pain
It’s now your time to just go away

Blue Ice

This poem seeks to describe a fantasy about a girl who has lost her life when her father’s ship becomes lost at sea. They struggle through the storm but eventually the lives of the crew, her father and herself become lost. She does not realize that she is lost in between two worlds living and deceased. She is torn between what was and now what is. She is unsure of what truly is reality trying to understand what happened through the lives of the living.

Thin strands of icicles flowing through her hair
Clear ice diamonds sparkling through her eyes
Her lips are blue as the artic water

Her soul lost beneath the deepest part of the ocean
Her breath evaporated from existence
Her smile faded through the rippling of the water

The fire within her heart turned cold
The words she spoke lost within memories
Photos of her existence fade to black

The touch of her hand sends chills down their spine
A flashback of their memories shines through her mind
A reflection of who she was & who they want to be
Fades away into eternity

Never Good Enough

This poem seeks to define an individual within a relationship that feels they can’t measure up to the standards their partner has laid out for them to be. They feel lost within their relationship and unsure if things are really meant to be. This feeling of never being good enough comes from the things they hear from their partner, things they see on the television, things they read in books, the images and articles they read in magazines, the words defined in music as to what a relationship should be and many other things they encounter on a daily basis within society that tell them who they should be. This individual gets to the point where they are tired of being told who they should be within any relationship. It gets to the point where they question even why they are in the relationship and wonder if it will truly make them happy. They have so many insecurities but are strong and basically state to their partner enough is enough, I will never be good enough and they leave.

I knew this was too good to be true
I would never be good enough for you
The things that I say
The things that I do
I can never really relate to you

My words go in one ear & out the other
You’re starting to ignore me like you ignore your own mother

I don’t know what to say
I don’t know what to do
I truly don’t even know if I really love you

I will never be good enough for the standards you have made
I will never be able to exceed the expectations you have laid

I knew this was too good to be true
I would never be good enough for you


This poem seeks to describe the beliefs of some that choose to be unfaithful to their partners and how loyalty has been disregarded within the trust and building of a relationship. This also seek to call those persons out who choose to be unfaithful to their partners who have no decency to leave when are unhappy but choose to go behind their partner’s backs and be unfaithful. This seems to be the norm within society and all dignity has been lost.

How much more do you need to be satisfied?
What will it take for you to see that the person standing in front of you is the one who is meant to be?

Loyalty is mediocre to those who truly don’t understand what it means to be honest
What it means to be respectful of the one your with
What it means to be trustworthy
And most of all what the eye can’t see

What happened to being able to trust the one you’re with?
To rely on them to fulfill the desires you crave and to fulfill theirs
What happened to being fulfilled completely by the one who truly loves you?

When will you be satisfied?
What will it take for you to realize they are standing right in front of you but you don’t see them standing there?

All you see is the next best thing
When will you grow up & realize the next best thing will eventually fade
All that will be left is you standing alone

Cinderella Triumphs

This poem seeks to describe the experience a girl had with having to raise her family at a young age as her mother passed away when she was 16. It describes the effort she put into making sure everything was taken care of for her siblings and when she gets older and has a child out of wedlock they completely disown her. The daughter of that girl will never forgive their ignorance.

She was 16 when her mother passed away
Who knew she would be the one to bare the weight of the world on her shoulders someday
With one older brother and two younger siblings to take care of
Who would be the one to take care of her at such a young age?

Sacrificing her dreams and desires
She would wake up at the brisk of dawn to start her morning routine

Make breakfast
Pack lunches
Get the kids off to school so they wouldn’t be late

With her father in the military it felt as if she were the only one who cared, who was there
Who gave her all to make sure they had a better life

Oh what struggles did she face
No fun or games just reality staring her right in the face

Cinderella needed a prince to rescue her from this fate
But there was no one there who would step up to the plate

She struggled and struggled till she finally made it through
But who knew that at the time when she needed her family the most
They would choose to disown her for the choices she had made

This shows what can happen when people learn to hate
This shows the gratitude that was given after how many mistakes they had all made
And yet the one moment she needed them the most
They were not there they chose to be as transparent as ghosts.

Two Faced

This poem seeks to describe a girl that is very deceiving. She says one thing and does another to intentionally be nasty to those who surround her. She is the type of person that is ruthless in thought and action and will act like she is your best friend one moment and the next she is stabbing you in the back. She is the type of spoiled, rotten mean girl that thinks she knows it all. Her beauty masks her attitude until you really see all of her flaws. The type of person everyone hates secretly until one day they call her out and confront her face to face. She is the reason why there is such a thing called being two-faced.

Who knew how easily you could turn
One moment you say one thing
The next you’re doing something else

You smile to my face
Next you’re stabbing me in the back
I don’t understand your plan of attack

Your fake ways don’t fool anyone
You think that you can hide behind your beauty
And no one will see how nasty you can be

Sorry but being pretty won’t help your cause
Your snotty attitude brings out all of your flaws

A reality check smacking you in the face
You are a nasty disgrace
Your words of hate have turned around
And caused you to fall down

People see right through your fake act
They confront your words of attack

The next time you think of stating something cruel
Just remember people will see right through you

Know It All

This poem describes experiences I have had with certain individuals who really truly have not lived to know it all but yet when you talk with them they act as if they do. What happened to humility and being humble? These individuals really don’t show it and it seems to come across as being naïve, ignorant, and annoying to rest of us who deal with these individuals on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. However often you may have to deal with these individuals I hope you recall this poem and keep your cool. For those who can related to this poem please don’t ignore what it says. If you truly think you know it all you are completely full of it.

You think you know it all now but there is so much you still have to learn

You just graduated from college & are eager to get out into the world
You think you deserve the very best
Yet you haven’t put in your dues like all of the rest

You think you know best
But yet when people try to show you the truth
You just roll your eyes and give attitude

You may have a college degree but so do we
You will never be the best & know more than all of the rest until you learn to humble yourself
Throw away the attitude because it’s really not helping you

Once you can do this
You will have more opportunities to excel & lead

People will show you more respect
When you show them what you know without being snotty
You don’t have to be a know it all for people to see what potential I see

If you would open your ears and actually listen to me
You would definitely have many more opportunities

When you think you know it all
That’s when you will crash hard & fall
Open your eyes & see there’s more to who you can be